LIHIT LAB.® SMART FIT PuniLabo Earphone Holder


Use this adorable animal pouch to hold your earphones and prop up your phone for watching videos! You can open the pouch by squeezing the sides, and the opening is magnetic to hold your earphones safely inside. When you want to watch videos on your phone, lay the pouch down and set your phone vertically or horizontally in the groove to prop it up. The groove can hold phones up to about 12 mm thick.

The pouch is made of soft, flexible silicone that’s pleasant to the touch and easy to clean with water. It includes a loop and small chain for attaching the pouch to a purse or bag.


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※ corresponding to a smart phone with a thickness of 12mm. (Groove width 13mm)

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 7.7 × 2.9 × 7.8 cm
PuniLabo Style

Bear, Hachiwareneko, Kuroneko, Panda, Pig


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